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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buy and Hold in the Booming Fort Washington Area

This weeks lovely gem property is located in the SMOKING HOT Fort Washington Area.  If you have been looking to buy in hold with little to no work and plenty of cash flow, look no further.  We have a beautiful 2 bdrm 1 bath bunglow on a nice size lot which can easily be expanded on if desired. Check out more details on

Great opportunity to see what Fort Washington will be bringing in the near future (i.e Casinos, Racetrack, National Harbour, Disney etc etc etc...

Property needs minor updates $5k-7k max.  Other properties this style are renting $1200+.  Or put another $40k into it with an addition adding a master bedroom and bathroom and turn around and sell it for $200k.  More info at

At you will be updated weekly with more low low priced investment properties.  Please visit back frequently!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wholesaling vs. Flipping

Real estate wholesaling and house flipping are two different practices. They are often confused. I have stated the difference below.

 When you use a wholesaler, they act as the middleman who seeks out cheap properties and connects them with buyers for a fee depending on how you arrange the closing. Very little time is spent fixing up the houses or even placing them on the traditional housing market.

House flipping involves rehabbing a house with the homeowner. It involves fixing it up enough to make it very ‘market ready’. There are also a lot of open houses and attempts to bring in a more traditional buyer who is looking to live in the home after purchase. House flipping can provide larger pay offs than wholesaling houses for a living as these cheap houses now sell for full market value. It also involves a lot of extra work and it’s harder to sell a house at full value.

 Real estate wholesaling is really a very simple business. You develop a process for bringing in wholesale leads, develop a buyer list and start assigning contracts to your buyers. It really is easy once you get the process started

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Wholesale Deal in Fort Washington

Location: 8718 W Fort Foote Terr, Fort Washington, MD 20744
Single Family Home
4 Bedroom 2 Bath Raised Rambler with Basement

Wholesale Price: $122,000 Rehab: $30k-35k

ARV (After Repair Value of property): $226k

Why should you use a Wholesaler?

Everyone wants to save money. That’s the bottom line. By using an experienced wholesaler, they can buy houses/buildings in bulk, thus buying them at deep discounts. In turn, these savings are passed on to you.
1)      The first thing you should know is that experienced wholesalers is that they will go out of their way to help you SUCCEED. Relationship is key. A true wholesaler always has YOUR best interest at heart. They want to build a long term relationship with you. They will help build your real estate investment portfolio and are in it for the long haul.

2)      The goal of a wholesaler is to make sure the end investor is well taken care of. Most often meaning they will provide you with contacts ranging from property management to contractors to title companies, etc.  This service is very important to out of town buyers and is useful asset.

3)      Wholesalers have many years of experience, hence accessing them to connections to the best    deals in town.

4)      Wholesalers are an important part of the real estate investment. They allow you to always focus on your exit strategy which is a very important role.

5)      The ultimate goal of the wholesaler is to make YOU money. And, who doesn’t want to make money? A real experienced wholesaler will only sell deals that make you money. They want to build a relationship with you so that you continue to buy from them. When you make money, everyone wins.

6) Usually, wholesalers will mark up their deals a few thousand and leave a sizeable profit margin for the next wholesaler.  A real experienced wholesaler can buy at such great discounts which often leaves room for two wholesalers to make money.

7) Any experienced wholesaler knows that volume plays an important role. The real way to make money is by doing volume. Wholesalers look at a surplus of homes, makes hundreds of offers, and lands the best deals. Wholesalers are NOT looking to get rich on every deal. Good wholesalers understand the real way to make money wholesaling is by doing volume. They look at thousands of houses only to make hundreds of offers that lead to the best deals. This means wholesalers aren't trying to get rich on every deal. It also means their research saves you time.

8). A wholesalers experience and research will save YOU time. Time is always of the essence when buying. An experienced wholesaler has many contacts, and information that you may never be able to get your hands on.

What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Real Estate wholesaling involves finding a property at a bargained or discounted price and putting the property under contract.  In turn, you can either assign the contract or re-sell the property to an investor buyer.

Wholesaling real estate is a simple way a newcomer to real estate can successfully make money with no bank financing, very little money and no repairs or updates.

A wholesaler focuses on developing two things. Finding deals and their network of investors to sell to.
Wholesale real estate is important for many reasons. Some people are unable to afford a home unless they get the house for a low price, and that sometimes means relying on foreclosed homes. Many investors also buy these homes and sell them for profit or rent them out as a long term investment. Even though the real-estate market fluctuates, real estate is still always a good investment.